An (un)usual teaching team

Keywords: Team teaching, professional development, creativity, nutritional sciences


In this article we (AUTHOR 2 ‘the nutrition lecturer’ and AUTHOR 1 ‘the academic developer’) outline our experience of working on a team taught module. Both had worked together on an undergraduate module the nutrition lecturer teaches and had undertaken some research together using playful approaches to module evaluations. When the nutrition lecturer invited the academic developer to co-develop and team teach the postgraduate module Nutrition in Practice she could not resist. Team-teaching in this case was a choice. A choice to collaborate and experiment together with creative approaches to learning and teaching and further develop practice through this process (Minett-Smith & Davis, 2019).

Academic developers work, most of the time, directly with academic staff. They are usually a layer removed from the students. This article reports a situation for both the ‘lecturer’ and the ‘developer’ when the situation was changed. What follows are reflections by the nutrition lecturer and the academic developer about their team-teaching experience.


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