Open call: general papers on education


In addition to the 'Themed' call for papers (on specific areas) attached to each issue, PRISM is also permanently open for authors to submit general pieces to the editors, on areas of education that highlight, challenge and augment debates in areas such as: critical and traditional pedagogies, alternative approaches to research and practice, governmental policy, practitioner issues and pedagogic innovation, as well as individual, communal and institutional practices and spaces. PRISM recognises the breadth and scope of learning across diverse locations, involving a range of educators, academics, researchers and thinkers. Allowing reflection and critical examination of practice, theory and policy through a spectrum of intra, cross and anti-disciplinary methodologies and theoretical approaches to learning, PRISM is open to submissions from academics of all levels and experience. Please see the Journal’s author guidelines. For further information, please contact a member of the editorial team.