Managing Editors:

Dr David Allan  (Edge Hill University)
Editor-in-Chief and Chair

Dr Craig Hammond (Liverpool John Moores University)
Deputy Editor and Vice-Chair

Social Media Editor:

Dr Peter Ford (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Section Editors:

William Card (University of Sussex)

Sophia Deterala (Liverpool Hope University)

Christina Donovan (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Dr Judith Enriquez (Liverpool John Moores University)

Dr Val Jessop (University Centre Blackburn College)

Jo Neil (University Centre Blackburn College)

Dr Aspasia Paltoglou (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Dr Peter Shukie (University Centre Blackburn College)

Dr Catherine Wilkinson (Liverpool John Moores University)

Dr Angela Daly (Liverpool John Moores University)

Reviews Editors:

Andrew Ford (University Centre Blackburn College)


Editorial Board:

Dr Bruce Bennett (Senior Lecturer Film & Contemporary Art, Lancaster University)

Professor Vicky Duckworth (Edge Hill University)

Dr Claire Fitzpatrick (Lecturer in Criminology, Lancaster University)

Professor Paul Gibbs (East European University Georgia) 

Professor Bud Hall (University of Victoria, Canada; Co-Chair of the UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education)

Professor Irma Alicia Flores Hinojos (University of the Andes, Bogota, Colombia)

Professor Peter Joyce (Visiting Professor in Criminology, Glyndwr University)

John Lea (Director of the AoC/HEFCE catalyst project on College Higher Education Scholarship)

Dr David Monk (Gulu University, Uganda)

Professor Jon Nixon, (Honorary Professor, School of Health and Education, Middlesex University, London, UK)

Professor Matt O'Leary (Birmingham City University)

Terry McDonough (UCBC | Lancaster University)

Professor Kevin Orr (Professor of Work and Learning, University of Huddersfield)

Joel Petrie (ARPCE National Committee | The City of Liverpool College)

Dr Asyirah Abdul Rahim (School of Humanities, University of Science, Malaysia)


Founding Editors:  

William Card (University of Sussex)

Dr. Craig Hammond (Liverpool John Moores University)

Dr. Tass Hussain (University Centre Blackburn College)

Dr. Phil Johnson (University Centre Blackburn College)

Terry McDonough (UCBC | Lancaster University)

Dr. Peter Shukie (University Centre Blackburn College)

Dr. Dawn Wood (University Centre Blackburn College)