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2022: Students at the Heart Conference
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The Students at the Heart Conference team is working to deliver a cross-university event that will bring together the best of the LJMU Teaching & Learning Conference and Professional Services Conference.  Apart from the keynote sessions, the whole event will be in the Student Life Building, providing a great opportunity to see what a fantastic resource that our new building provides for students and staff.  In addition to sessions delivered by LJMU staff, students and partners, we are planning a number of additional activities.  These will include exhibition and demonstration stands where teams can explain their services or showcase new approaches, as well as a range of International Student related stalls.

The Conference is themed around the four new LJMU Values, which potential contributors should use as a guide to focus their sessions.  This will provide the opportunity for the Conference to address issues that matter to everyone in the LJMU community. 

  • Student Focused - student-centred approaches to teaching or assessment, as well as services and initiatives that are student facing;
  • Inclusive – collaborative work across departments, or that champion diversity in teaching, curriculum or the wider university experience
  • Community – projects that link with external partners/agencies and the wider local community;
  • Courageous - examples of bold and independent thinking and application of new ideas
Published: 2022-12-15


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