Business Not As Usual: Innovative Practices in the teaching of ‘Business’ in Higher Education


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This PRISM themed issue is predicated upon the view that Business Schools in Higher Education should be innovative and dynamic in their teaching approaches and practices. However, due to the ‘traditional’ nature of the discipline, Business Schools in Higher Education are not seen as radical arenas of academic progression.

This themed issue presents an opportunity for colleagues to address and highlight inventive, innovative, and dynamic pedagogic practices occurring within and across Business Schools in Higher Education. The importance of developing scholarly practice in relation to teaching and learning within Business Schools is increasing in significance across the HE sector. Walker and Smith (2021) contend that this is important as it enhances career aspiration, esteem and student learning experience.

The guest editorial team invite business school colleagues across the sector to produce original research articles and/or Think Pieces (reflective accounts or position papers), to challenge the notion that Business Schools in Higher Education are lumbering institutions that practice outdated and tedious approaches to teaching and learning. Through an exploration of eclectic practitioner experiences, we hope to highlight an array of diverse and transformative approaches, to disrupt these assumptions.

We encourage colleagues to analyse and reflect on innovative practices, and to illustrate unique approaches of teaching Business Studies in Higher Education. Using your stories, journeys and examples we aim to equip readers with the necessary tools to develop innovative teaching practices and to foster critical awareness for practitioners and learners. The themed issue also encourages joint contributions that explore the experiences of both the learner and educator.

We welcome contributions based on individual practices and experiences as well as theoretical perspectives on Business Education. We particularly welcome creative contributions.

Your submissions could include – but are not limited to – the following approaches:

  • Case studies in creative practices in teaching, learning and assessments
  • Examples of student voice and student participation in teaching and learning strategies
  • Reflection and reflectivity in relations to the current and future state of Business in Higher Education.
  • The use of Action Learning Sets
  • Building an executive education team
  • Innovative products and delivery
  • Working with partners/clients to develop new products and services
Submissions & Deadline

Submissions should adhere to the PRISM author guidelines, available here:

The deadline for full submissions is Friday 29th of July 2022.

Call for Reviewers

If you would like to contribute to this themed issue behind-the-scenes, we would be delighted to hear from you. We are currently recruiting for reviewers to help us to provide contributors with helpful, supportive and constructive feedback on their submissions, and to help the editorial team to decide on the final structure of the journal. If you would like to apply to become a PRISM reviewer, please download and complete this form, and then return – by email – to the Prism managing editors: Dave Allan and Craig Hammond.