Education for Sustainable Development in LJMU


  • Jason Kirby Faculty of Science
  • Laura Bishop Faculty of Science
  • Tim Lane Faculty of Science
  • Dianne Spivey Office of the Registrar
  • Phil Carey Teaching & Learning Academy



Education for Sustainable Development is a key goal for LJMU, articulated in the Climate Change Action Plan and Learning & Teaching Strategy.  These outline an expectation for considerations of climate awareness and sustainability to be integrated into the formal and informal curriculum across LJMU.  This presents significant challenges, and this workshop will explore how the principles of sustainable development can be integrated into curricula and the wider student experience.  Reflecting on examples from across LJMU and the HE sector as a whole, the session will examine the implications of Education for Sustainable Development for a range of university practices, including programme development, teaching, support and campus management.  The workshop will provide an opportunity for delegates to recognise opportunities for embedding sustainability into their own area of work.  It will encourage all of us to consider how the principles of Education for Sustainable Development can both challenge and enrich our practice

Education for Sustainable Development in LJMU Powerpoint. Only LJMU staff and students have access to this resource.