Biomed News – a free machine learning based platform to discover and share new biomedical research




Approximately 30,000 biomedical research abstracts are published each week on PubMed. This provides an enormous resource for new information that needs to be retrieved by individuals who desire access to it – researchers, industry, funders, policy makers, clinicians, patients, and the public. This enormous amount of information is retrieved using searches or tables of contents. However, these methods are overwhelming, broad and irrelevant. Biomed News is a free platform that provides a ranked abstract list on a weekly basis. Topic experts select abstracts relevant to their area of expertise. These selections are used by supervised machine learning to identify relevant papers in subsequent weekly issues. This reduces the amount of time required to identify new abstracts. Biomed News also provides an opportunity for selectors to share their weekly topic issues with other interested parties. Biomed News currently has around 80 experts from countries all over the world who are at different stages of their career. We aim for Biomed News to be a user-friendly platform in all areas of biomedical research that allows new abstracts to be identified and shared with interested parties.Biomed News aligns with LJMU strategies including Education and Student Experience as it will help students, especially post-graduate research students, to keep up with the literature in their field. Also, Biomed News will help in Research and Knowledge Exchange as this will help new research to be incorporated into teaching and also the exchange of the latest findings in the subject area.

Biomed News – a free machine learning based platform to discover and share new biomedical research, PowerPoint. Only LJMU staff and students have access to this resource.





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