The accessible learning experience




Academic staff and professional service staff produce vast volumes of information for our students each and every year. More often that not, these are now typically produced in digital format and shared via web sites, blogs or the VLE. The tools that we use to produce these digital documents and media often allow people to create content in a multitude of ways to make our teaching and learning more interesting and engaging. However, in doing this, we are often responsible for making this content inaccessible to about one-fifth of the population who have a permanent or temporary disability.

This talk will discuss the key issues around creating accessible content for print and web distribution and show how a few small changes can lead to dramatic gains in making our content more accessible. The legal framework in the UK, EU and US will also be discussed outlining how important this aspect is to ensure we stay within the law.

The co-presenter is a former LJMU academic who is now one of only 200 Certified Web Accessibility Professionals in the UK and brings a wealth of professional experience to this field.

This outcomes of this talk can make a big contribution to the overall student experience at LJMU across all subject disciplines.

The accessible learning experience, PowerPoint. Only LJMU staff and students have access to this resource.