New face of library spaces


  • Jackie Fealey Liverpool John Moores University, Library Services
  • Emily Parsons Liverpool John Moores University, Library Services



LJMU Library spaces are evolving, changing from the traditional self-learning spaces to interactive and inclusive spaces, providing a resource not only for LJMU students but also for the wider community. Summer 2022 saw the development of the new Children's Reading Corner on the ground floor of Aldham Robarts Library housing the Literacy Development Collection. The primary aim of this area is to support students on the Initial Trainee Teacher programmes with the pedagogy of reading for primary age children, whilst replicating a school library. However, in fulfilling this need the space has also opened up new opportunities for community engagement and widening participation.

Our talk will detail how this space, the Literacy Development Collection and our Special Collections and Archives have been used for activities to support ITT training, including author talks, how to read to younger children, practical sessions using artefacts to develop imagination, storytelling and writing in the classroom, and even using meditation and reflexology with literature to promote wellbeing in young children. Interactive workshops with children from the national mentoring and education charity, ReachOut have also taken place with the participants being encouraged to find inspiration from the materials to create their own bookmarks and zines.

New face of library spaces, PowerPoint. Only LJMU staff and students have access to this resource.