Enhancing the student experience with extended reality: an immersive lab approach for Civil Engineering and Built Environment students





The importance of the student experience in higher education cannot be overemphasized. This presentation will demonstrate the ongoing effort of the School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment to enhance the student experience by implementing extended reality (XR) technology in the curriculum. Our newly established immersive lab allows students to visualize 3D environments of architectural buildings and annotate existing buildings according to legalisation regulations or scheduling. We identified Quantity Surveying students as potential users, although the XR technology implemented in the lab is beneficial to all students, particularly those without a core design experience. The hands-on experience gained through the immersive lab encourages innovative thinking and enhances research methodology. Implementing XR in the curriculum allows students to explore applications relevant to their proficiency, emphasizing practical application. This research serves as an exemplar for integrating XR into the curriculum of other programs in the School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment and beyond, contributing to the overall improvement of the student experience. In this presentation, we will discuss the establishment of the immersive lab and the benefits of incorporating XR technology into the curriculum of Civil Engineering and Built Environment students. Our findings highlight the significance of hands-on experience in promoting innovative thinking and enhancing research methodology. We conclude by recommending the incorporation of XR in the curriculum of other programs to improve the student experience and encourage practical application.