Reimagining the student experience


  • Michelle Morgan Dean of Students, University of East London



The undergraduate and postgraduate taught landscape of higher education has dramatically changed in the past 20 years not only in terms of student numbers, but also diversity. The cost of participating in higher education has dramatically increased in recent years for both UG and PGT students, and there is greater pressure on universities to demonstrate value for money and improved outcomes.

Covid19 and the cost of living crisis has put added pressure on students in terms of being able to engage. Universities are increasingly using data dashboards to measure engagement to help with the progression and success of students.

But is the use of data dashboards really able to capture ‘student engagement’ effectively in determining the ‘perfect student’?

This session will consider what we need to think about, what the key challenges are across UG and PGT levels of study, whether it is possible for there to be the ‘perfect student’ and future challenges.

In search of the perfect student, PowerPoint, please note this can only be viewed by LJMU staff and students.