When inclusion leads to exclusion: A consideration of the impact of inclusive policy on school leaders working within a pupil referral unit


  • Glenn Thomas Millington Edge Hill University




Social justice, Inclusion, Exclusion , Policy, Socio-economic disadvantage, Bourdieu, Capital, Habitus


My research investigates the experiences of a range of professionals tasked with the role of enacting a policy aimed at achieving social justice. In a drive where one of the priorities was aimed at reducing exclusions from mainstream schools, some participants report feelings of being marginalised and excluded from the policy process. This paper offers a valuable insight into the permeations of the policy process, and the experiences of senior leaders working within education, health and social care, and who feel excluded from the decision-making process. This raises fundamental questions around the planning and implementation of policy aimed at inclusive practice, and a move towards achieving social justice. It raises the question of if it ever justified to exclude the voices of professionals who are directly impacted by a policy? This is particularly pertinent given that the purpose of the policy itself is concerned with inclusion and social justice.



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Author Biography

Glenn Thomas Millington, Edge Hill University

Lecturer in Religious Education, Department for Secondary and Further Education

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