“Inside the School Where 98% of the Pupils are Travellers”: Exploring and Challenging Stereotypes Regarding the Educational Experiences of Irish Travellers

  • Alyssa Dalton Education Studies and Early Years, Liverpool John Moores University
Keywords: Educational Experiences, Irish Travellers, School, Stereotypes, Travellers


This paper explores and challenges stereotypes regarding the educational experiences of Irish Travellers. Using concepts from Post-Colonial Theory, this paper explores the othering of Irish Travellers and how they attempt to overcome the barriers associated with this othering. The author utilises Feminist Theory to examine gender norms within Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities and how some women are choosing to challenge these norms and do gender differently. The author concludes that critically examining stereotypes and how they are perpetuated by the media can create a more just society, where settled and Traveller children can be educated together without fears of bullying and racism.