Professional Learning Opportunities for the Hangarau Māori-medium Technology Curriculum


  • Ruth Lemon University of Auckland - Waipapa Taumata Rau


Hangarau, Māori-medium Technology, curriculum coherence, indigenous technology curriculum, technology curriculum


This paper is the third in a series of papers exploring the development of the Māori-medium Technology curriculum, specifically focusing on professional learning development. It utilises document analysis and interviews with curriculum experts, drawing on curriculum alignment and coherence theories. Curriculum coherence affects student learning across various levels: national, subject, school/classroom, and systems. Data comes from Ministry of Education records and interviews with teacher professional development facilitators. The study reviews professional learning literature, particularly meta-analyses and reviews, in the context of curriculum coherence. It examines how curriculum coherence relates to the professional development needs of teachers implementing the Hangarau curriculum, highlighting the challenge of interpreting broad learning outcomes. The paper suggests principles for aligning national curriculum content and professional learning, aiding facilitators and teachers in designing effective professional development for improved student learning.

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