Rethinking Measures of Attitude Toward Technology in Technology Education



attitude, perception, attitude toward technology


Technology curriculums encompass an interdisciplinary approach that integrates science, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, along with a design-oriented learning process. Given the rapid advancement of technology and the challenging environment, technology education has the potential to enhance students' positive outlook on technology. The objectives of this study are to gather existing student attitude scales for technology education, analyse the cognitive, affective, behavioural, and environmental components of these scales, and describe the assessment format and its application. This study referenced established research procedures and instructions, used keywords to research and examine the literature, and collected literature on relevant scales. Afterwards, a coding framework was developed based on the theoretical structure of this study for the research content analysis. Last, descriptive data and critical analysis information were reported. The results of this study can offer a comprehensive component structure for the development of attitude scales in technology education. Furthermore, they will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of how research in technology education investigates students' attitudes.

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