Online Legal Resources and Their Potential for Visual Learning Inclusivity


  • Conor Courtney University College London (UCL)



Legal Education, Technology, Legal Tools, JustisOne, Visual Learning



The motivation behind this piece is to discuss the factors which relate to forms of legal education. In particular, this poster will examine the concept of the online legal resource. For the purposes of this discussion, the legal research tool under consideration is JustisOne.


The argument of this poster is that legal research tools which are available online mark an important milestone in the advancement of legal education. This benefit emanates from the benefits the online resource format imparts on students, and how it affects issues of diversity, inclusivity and equality.


By diversity, inclusivity and equality, this poster argues that online resources, and their ability to implement and prioritise visual learning elements. This visual learning approach supplants the traditional, and limited, approach to the teaching of law which many universities follow. Studies have highlighted the importance of visual learning in inclusive education, noting that the use of visuals can help to improve learning opportunities in those suffering from conditions such as Dyslexia. Given the international nature of many courses, and the attempts by many colleges to include non-native English speaking students, a visual depiction of information can also help to combat issues surrounding language proficiency.