Employability infused


  • Track Dinning Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Business & Law
  • Lucy McGrath Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Business & Law
  • Linda Graham Liverpool John Moores University, Student Futures




This 5-minute session will demonstrate how the School of Business and Management are developing ‘The Employability Series’, a set of standardised content that is embedded across all levels of our undergraduate programmes. This has been an ongoing and fluid project that started as a student internship project, in partnership with Student Futures.  Collaboration with students through a variety of methods: focus groups, feedback, consultation, NSS comments have contributed to the development of the widening out of the ’Employability Series’. The idea behind the ‘Employability Series’ is to ensure that all students within the School of Business and Management are infused with and have the same opportunity to develop their own employability toolkit from CV to LinkedIn, digital skills to clinical practice. The key aim is to break down barriers, challenge perceptions and raise the aspirations of the students, all of which are crucial to their future success.  LBS has a broad demographic of students by offering a blanket approach with standardised content across all programmes helps to ensure there is equality and inclusivity of opportunity.  The ‘Employability Series’ offers the framework, the programme teams provide the specialism. Attending this ‘flash talk’ will provide colleagues with an understanding of how LBS set up ‘employability infusion’, became agents for change and ensure every student gets the same offer of employability support across the school.





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