Across the years: alumni connections


  • Maureen Royce Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Business & Law
  • Sarah Williams Liverpool John Moores University, Strategy Support Office



In a world focused on the perceived value of Higher Education and a university degree, the experience of our alumni as they move through their lives and careers may be an under-developed source of information and signpost to future direction of graduate journeys. The lightening talk will focus on the power of alumni relations and how these can be maintained globally and locally through social media. The lightening talk addresses the issue of value and career direction and suggests how the building of an alumni community can act as a cheer leader for current employability initiatives and build a bridge of ambassadors supporting the work of the programme and LJMU as the provider of a positive and life enhancing student experience. The talk relates to community building but also recognises the role alumni can play in keeping students at the heart.





Lightning Talks