Courageous conversation in equality, diversity and inclusion: where do we start?


  • Moni Akinsanya Liverpool John Moores University, Human Resources
  • Julia Daer Liverpool John Moores University, Human Resources



"Courageous Conversation in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Where do we start?" aims at encouraging teams and individuals to be active change makers within their areas. We know some of us may be scared of saying the wrong thing and offending, and we want to turn that around and bring everyone together to create strong allyship across LJMU and turn that allyship into advocacy.    


How are we going to do that? Where do we start? And how do we engage everyone? This session will explore aspects of various protected characteristics, intersectionality, racial literacy, and intercultural competence. We will provide practical tools for academics, professional services staff and students to take away and implement in their own areas.    


Courageous Conversations can serve as a major tool for promoting a sense of belonging for marginalised communities; this learning can assist with devising improved ways of attracting and retaining diverse talents to the workforce and breaking down barriers to progression into senior leadership roles.