Everybody’s talking about the values: how the values have informed university achievements over the last 12 months


  • Tina Purkis Liverpool John Moores University, Student Advice & Wellbeing Services
  • Clare Milsom
  • Laura Bishop Liverpool John Moores University, Registrar & Chief Operating Officer
  • Raphaela Kane Liverpool John Moores University, PVC, Faculty of Science




In this session we would like to initiate a conversation on how we are living the values at LJMU. Using examples from the Executive Leadership Team we will show how the values have shaped our discussion and informed our institutional achievements.


We would like our conference colleagues to share with us examples of how they feel the values are expressed in their work and how they feel they can use them to ensure that students are always at the heart. We want to bring the values to life to develop a university culture where the values help guide decisions and inform practice to deliver an even better student experience.


We hope that after the session you will continue the conversation within your schools, services and teams.