Working together to support refugee nurses: a dynamic collaboration


  • Sean Mackay Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Health
  • Ebenezer Banahene Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Health



This session presents the learning gained from an ongoing initiative between Nursing and Allied Health, the NHS and various agencies to support refugees and asylum seekers with overseas nursing qualifications. The team had a shared purpose; to develop a route for the ethical recruitment of overseas-trained nurses to work in the NHS. It was also clear that we were all passionate about supporting displaced talent: registered nurses who could not return home, yet could not currently practice in the UK. This would be beneficial for the individuals themselves, as they were often in low paid or casual jobs, and support the NHS drive for more nurses.  Practical challenges supporting this diverse and vulnerable group, and the dynamic approach taken by the LJMU and wider team will be presented, along with findings from the evaluation project and participant feedback. Future steps to use this approach with other Faculties will be explored.