Letting our students discover, click and drive ebook purchases


  • Heather Da Vanzo Liverpool John Moores University, Library Services
  • Liam Sullivan Liverpool John Moores University, Library Services




In this lightning talk, we will provide examples of two-curated ebook collections where the choice of purchase was handed over to the to the LJMU user. This talk will highlight the success of one long running relationship with JSTOR and a newly launched Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ebook collection.  


The JSTOR relationship began in 2016 and shows the impact our users have made to enhance ebook purchases across the humanities, arts and social science subjects.  The new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion collection unearths award-winning content written and published by more voices; regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability or religious belief. These titles are often historically difficult to find but a selection can be retrieved via the Every Voice; Diversity, Equality and Inclusion collection.


Students and staff can access these titles on and off campus, either by scrolling through the title book covers, searching for a particular title or sorting by author or published date. The titles are also incorporated into the Libraries Discover search so users may come across these titles when performing wider searches. 


The Library are pleased to be able to support LJMU EDI objectives “….a University where everyone is equal but never the same” and envisage the purchased titles assist in the University’s Decolonising the Curriculum and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agendas.





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