LJMU Student Lifestyle and Health survey 2022: results, impact and next steps


  • Lee Graves Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Science




The session will present on the first ever LJMU Student Lifestyle and Health Survey, issued in 2022. The online survey invited LJMU students from levels 3 to 8 to tell us about their individual characteristics, lifestyle and health. This research project was led by academics from the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences in collaboration with professional services staff from the John Moores Students Union, Student Advice and Wellbeing team, Sports Centre, and Corporate Communications.    


The session will indicate the rationale for the project, the methodology used, and a broad outline of the results. We will then share how the data is informing the student support services and good practices of our professional service collaborators, and our plans for the next iteration of this annual survey. We will invite discussion/questions on the proposed plans, and what delegates think could be done to promote positive lifestyles and health in LJMU students.   


The session is student-focused, will be driven by student data, and explores the enhancement of the student experience through improved health and wellbeing at scale. The session will highlight how this cross-departmental collaboration is committed to and provides strategic leadership in student health and wellbeing, and we will use the session as an opportunity to invite further collaborators to join the project.