An exploration into the support that places of Higher Education provide young adult carers, in an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness and increase awareness and support.


  • Emily Hanley Liverpool John Moores University



This report presents research conducted into young adult carers’ experiences of Higher education, specifically focusing on the support in place from Higher educational institutions. Young adult carers are a large population that is often overlooked and unstudied, with both support and research gaps that require addressing. Qualitative research, consisting of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews, has been utilised to obtain the findings of this study. These have then been analysed using thematic analysis. The research findings indicate differing experiences of young adult carers in Higher education, which could link to the inconsistencies in support identified. Some young adult carers receive sufficient support from their place of Higher education which benefits their experience. However, others receive inadequate support, or in some cases no support. Concerns have also been identified regarding many young adult carers being unaware of the support available in Higher education. Young adult carers should be acknowledged and prioritised, with a compulsory structure of support followed by all places of Higher education, to ensure all receive consistent and sufficient support no matter the Higher educational institution they attend. This support must be communicated to young adult carers in Higher education to ensure they are aware of it and can access it if needed.