Using Published Literature to Understand How Educational Provisions can be made for Pupils with HUWE1 Intellectual Disability (ID)


  • Lauren Grieve Liverpool John Moores University



This systematic literature review will evaluate limited knowledge regarding HUWE1 ID, a rare intellectual disorder, and how this impacts educational practice. It will investigate the complex needs within this disorder alongside the lack of teacher guidance, to view how this can complicate educational practice. This is due to the low possibility of encountering a child with HUWE1 ID in education. However, rare disorders collectively can increase the possibility of educating a child with such complex needs. Teachers may be left to hypothesise this child’s education. Hence the need for increased awareness on how to make educational provisions for a child with a rare disorder, which teachers can adapt to HUWE1 ID. It is suggested a proactive approach from teachers can be used by breaking down the complex symptoms of HUWE1 ID. This is to fill the gap in knowledge of educational provisions for HUWE1 ID that literature fails to provide. The research questions within this systematic literature review will entail a process of evaluating disease-related research to apply it to HUWE1 ID. This enabled research in educating children with singular symptoms of HUWE1 ID to be evaluated. This further highlighted the overlapping effective educational approaches to provide suggestions for educational practice for a child with HUWE1 ID. This process was useful in detecting provisions that benefitted disease-related research. It would be recommended that educators used these research questions if they needed support with symptoms of a HUWE1 ID variant not addressed in this research.