Relationships and Sex Education in the 21st Century. Working towards a child-centred approach.


  • Caitlin Swan-Shaughnessy Liverpool John Moores University



This dissertation seeks to determine if the RSE curriculum in 2023 is effectively developed to suit the demands of students by using critical theory. The public and theorists have divergent views on The Children's and Social Work Act of 2017. Concerns about age-inappropriate themes being taught in the school have recently sparked public criticism, which has worried lawmakers and educators. Due to the delicate nature of the subject, the public domain has consistently had negative perceptions of RSE. By using historical methodologies, I will demonstrate this and show how current legislation can still cause problems in the 2023 curriculum. Additionally, it will use quantitative data to understand the perspectives and worries of parents and teachers to demonstrate adults’ perceptions of RSE in classrooms. Additionally, intersectional analyses will be done to determine how policy impacts SEND pupils. Findings suggest that oversexualisation of young people is negatively contributing to their mental health, more commonly young girls. By approaching Education from a child-centric view, this dissertation will argue how incorporating young people’s views it is possible to uncover systemic problems that need to be repaired by taking into account the opinions of young people.