Proposing a change to oral care for patients undergoing chemotherapy


  • Rachel Bell Liverpool John Moores University



Mucositis, Oral Care, Chemotherapy, Change management, Leadership


Oral mucositis is a common side effect for patients living with blood cancers receiving high dose chemotherapy. However, studies have shown that maintaining good oral care during chemotherapy can help reduce the likelihood of this painful condition developing. This article will explore the importance of effective leadership to successfully implement a change in practice. Its aim is to improve the oral care of patients undergoing chemotherapy and reduce the  risk of oral mucositis. By implementing this change in practice, health care professionals can have a positive influence on patient care, incorporating the evidence-base of good oral care management.

Author Biography

Rachel Bell, Liverpool John Moores University

Rachel was a student nurse when she wrote this article.  She was in her final year at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).  She has now graduated with a first class honours degree and started my first full time post as a nurse. One particular placement during my training initiated her interest in haematology and she is now working on a haematology-oncology unit. The article reflects her passion and commitment to promote the best care possible for the patients she is responsible for.