About the Journal

Please note the journal has ceased publication at the present time so is not currently accepting submissions. 

Focus and Scope

The journal will focus on health and health related issues.The journal will accept submissions from LJMU students from the School of Nursing and Allied Health only.

The journal will provide an opportunity for students to publish their assignments in an online journal with the hope that this journal will develop the students’ writing skills further.

Initially the journal will focus on nursing (child, adult and mental health) but it is hoped that it will incorporate work from other disciplines such as paramedic practice and social work.

Peer Review Process

All students who wish to have articles published in this journal will submit the articles for review and will be informed if their work is suitable for publication.

Articles for publication will be jointly edited by an academic and student.

From cut off date of submission to decision to publish will be 3 weeks.

It will be two weeks from decision to publish to complete any amendments recommended by the editors.

Publication Frequency

This journal will be published bi-annually

Notice and Takedown Policy

If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found material in LJMU Open Journals which infringes UK law, please contact us by emailing openjournals@ljmu.ac.uk, stating the following:

  1. Your contact details and the reason for the withdrawal request, some examples are:
    1. Unauthorised use by reason of reproduction and/or making available the material
    2. Breach of moral right of [paternity/integrity/right not to have my work subjected to derogatory treatment]
    3. Other complaints, e.g. defamation, breach of confidence, data protection
  1. The full bibliographic details of the material and the full URL
  2. Proof that you are the rights holder or are an authorised representative.

 Upon receipt of notification the ‘Notice and Takedown’ procedure is then invoked as follows:

  1. LJMU will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by email or letter and will make an initial assessment of the validity and plausibility of the complaint. We aim to acknowledge and assess the complaint within seven days of receipt.
  2. Where grounds for complaint are plausible, the material will be temporarily removed from public view in LJMU Open Journals pending an agreed solution.
  3. LJMU will contact the contributor who deposited the material, if relevant. The contributor will be notified that the material is subject to a complaint, under what allegations, and will be encouraged to assuage the complaints concerned.
  4. The complainant and the contributor will be encouraged to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably and to the satisfaction of both parties, with the following possible outcomes:
    1. The material is replaced on LJMU Open Journals unchanged.
    2. The material is replaced on LJMU Open Journals with changes.
    3. The material is permanently removed from LJMU Open Journals.
    4. In some cases a metadata record will remain. This will be on a case by case basis.

If the contributor and the complainant are unable to agree a solution from receipt of notification, the material will remain unavailable through LJMU Open Journals until a time when a resolution has been reached. It may be necessary for us to seek legal advice before the complaint can be fully resolved.

Journal History

This journal has been developed for students in the School of Nursing and Allied Health.