Why Chapelhow enablers are important when providing patient care


  • Heather Taylor Liverpool John Moores University




Chapelhow Enablers, Communication, Assessment, Nursing Care


Chapelhow et al (2005) developed a framework based upon six fundamental concepts. These concepts are the building blocks that all healthcare professionals need in order to deliver patient care. Chapelhow et al (2005) refers to the concepts as enablers. There are six enablers, assessment, communication, risk management and managing uncertainty, professional judgement and decision making and documentation and record keeping. In this article, I look at two enablers; assessment and communication. I chose these two to discuss, because as a nurse these are essential skills to have when delivering patient care. It was apparent that both enablers are linked and are used together when caring for a patient and that assessment and communication skills are vital to have as a healthcare professional. 

Author Biography

Heather Taylor, Liverpool John Moores University

Heather is a second year paediatric nursing student. Heather has been on a variety of placements gaining experience in areas such as Accident and Emergency, medical speciality ward, trauma and orthopaedic ward and health visiting. Whilst working on a hospital ward, she found that communication and assessment was a major part of nursing care. In this article she discusses the importance of communication and assessment and how they are used throughout the patient journey.