A review into teenage pregnancy and the potential influencing socio-economic contributors


  • Phoebe Kate Dickinson Liverpool John Moore's University




Teenage pregnancy, Health Promotion, Sexual Health, Socio-economic, Nursing


The purpose of this article is to review pre-existing socio-economic factors that could potentially influence teenage pregnancy. Research shows that teenage pregnancy within England consistently remains the highest within Europe and gaps in current literature regarding the topic fail to prove why. This article provides a combination of both the social and economic factors that could predispose an individual to a teenage pregnancy and offers suggestions as to how healthcare practitioners can intervene.

The main themes discussed within the article relate directly to an individual’s level of education being a fundamental aspect in the determination of one’s ongoing future decisions; the socio-economic status of an individual potentially pre-disposing one to a teenage pregnancy and a systemic review of the health promotion strategies that can be used by the nurse to ensure safe sexual health.

Author Biography

Phoebe Kate Dickinson, Liverpool John Moore's University

Phoebe is a student nurse in her final year of Adult Nurse training at Liverpool John Moores University. Throughout her degree she has had exposure to working with a diverse range of client groups and engaged in a variety of clinical placements, combing of both in-hospital and community care. Whilst on clinical placement Phoebe gained an interest in the health promotion aspect of nursing, the article she has written focuses upon the socio-economic factors which could predispose a young person to a teenage pregnancy.