Obesity and the nurses’ role in reducing health inequalities through health promotion.


  • Jennifer Elizabeth Upton LJMU




Obesity, health promotion, determinants of health, socio-economic status, inequalities


The obesity epidemic currently costs the National Health Service £6.1bn each year (Public Health England, 2015). This, combined with the co-morbidities associated with obesity means that the epidemic needs to be addressed. Nurses play a key role in reducing this epidemic through health promotion. However, it has become apparent that health inequalities exist with regards to obesity. As a result, nurses must be aware of the wider determinants of health in order to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully promote health. The present training and guidelines nurses receive needs to be readdressed so this can be facilitated.

Author Biography

Jennifer Elizabeth Upton, LJMU

Jennifer is currently a student nurse,  in the final year of study. During the programme Jennifer has undertaken a variety of clinical placements in hospitals, community as well as the private sector. Health visiting has become a passion of mine following my placement with health visitors, inspiring me to pursue a career in Health Visiting following completion of nurse training.  It will enable the passion which I have in health promotion to be realised.

Prior to this course Jennifer worked as a support worker taking adults with learning disabilities on their holiday. This was a very rewarding role and motivated her to undertake this undergraduate degree.