Perceptions of men in the nursing profession: historical and contemporary issues

  • David James Ross Liverpool John Moore University


Florence Nightingale’s perception and feminisation of nursing into a female only profession has resulted in fewer men pursuing nursing as a career. In contemporary society male nurses make up about 10% of nursing professionals (Walsh, 2016). Stereotyping and gender bias of men has helped create a less than inclusive and sometimes isolating experience for men in nursing (Duffin, 2006). Men in nursing are often treated differently to their female counterparts. It is important particularly for male nursing students to learn about men’s contribution to the history of nursing.

Author Biography

David James Ross, Liverpool John Moore University
I am a third year Adult Nursing student. I enjoyed a variety of clinical, acute and community placements during my nurse training. I am particularly interested in thoracic nursing as it entails investigation and treatment of diseases of the heart and lungs. The article I have written represents my experience during my nurse training.