Using Two Chapelhow Enablers To Deliver Care


  • Olivia Sue Massey Liverpool John Moores University



Chapelhow, Assessment, Waterlow, Communication, NEWS, Decision Making, Clinical Judgement,



This article will demonstrate how two of the six Chapelhow et al. (2005) enablers were utilised throughout the care of one individual. The two enablers that will be considered in this article will be communication and professional decision making. This article will use both experience from placement and current research to inform practice to demonstrate how these enablers were used in practice.  Communication and professional decision making enable healthcare professionals to deliver effective and efficient care. This article aims to enable healthcare students to develop their understanding of how these two enablers are used in practice and to raise awareness of their importance.

Author Biography

Olivia Sue Massey, Liverpool John Moores University

Olivia is a second-year adult nursing student and has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience from her course which helped her in writing this article. She is very enthusiastic about nursing and what it can offer and is very much looking forward to the next stage of her learning. While still unsure of where she would like to be as a nurse on completion of the course, Olivia believes that her third year clinical placements may influence the decision. This article focuses on some of the experiences relating to orthopaedics and gastroenterology ward settings.