Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship in the UK Bakery Sector

Exploring the opportunities and barriers in the North-West of England


  • Victory Onephrojire
  • Oliver Kayas


The aim of this research was to explore ethnic minority entrepreneurship within the UK's bakery sector, focusing specifically on the cultural and economic factors shaping their entrepreneurial pursuits as well as the drivers and barriers encountered. A qualitative research methodology was employed, utilising semi-structured interviews with ethnic minority entrepreneurs working in the bakery sector in the North-West of England. Ethnic minority bakers were selected through purposive and snowball sampling. Through a thematic analysis, the findings revealed an interplay between economic and cultural factors, wherein economic conditions shaped cultural values and norms. This interconnected relationship underscores the multifaceted nature of entrepreneurial motivations among ethnic minorities. The findings also revealed that ethnic minority entrepreneurs have a remarkable capacity to capitalize on adverse circumstances. Notably the challenges arising during the COVID-19 pandemic. These ethnic minority entrepreneurs not only navigated the arising challenges from the pandemic but also increased their sales and profitability; thus, highlighting the resilience and robustness of the UK's bakery sector. Furthermore, this study showed the dual role of the ethnic community as both an opportunity and a challenge. Although it provided invaluable support, it also posed challenges rooted in cultural norms.