The Influence of Social Media on Boutique Hotel Reservations

A Sri Lankan Insight


  • Avanthi Fernando Liverpool John Moores University
  • Chin Ong


This study examines the impact of social media content on customer engagement with boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. The objectives focus on how social media marketing influences customer preferences and trust in the boutique hotel industry and finding strategies to boost competitive advantage through engagement. A quantitative survey collected data on respondents' views and alignment with boutique hotels. The results highlight the significant influence of SM content on customers' preferences, showing a strong correlation between the relevance of content and desired hotel characteristics. SM content significantly influences customers' decision-making processes, shaping their perceptions of boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. Additionally, perceived trust in SM content plays a pivotal role in customers' intentions to make reservations, with SM being seen as a reliable source of information. The study also explores the effectiveness of engagement strategies employed by boutique hotels on SM platforms, revealing varied perceptions among participants. This research significantly enhances comprehension of the interplay between SM content, customer behaviour, and engagement techniques within boutique hotels. By shedding light on these dynamics, it provides critical guidance for boutique hospitality businesses, empowering them to refine and maximize their social media strategies effectively.