Using movie-making to visualise pre-service teachers' perceptions of technology


  • Ulrika Sultan Örebro University
  • Barbro Bergfelft Örebro University
  • Erik Sjöstedt Örebro University


Technological Knowledge, Technology Education, Multimodal, Pre-service teachers, STEAM, Teacher Education


This study uses a Bourdieusian framework to determine pre-service teachers' perceptions of technology before their engagement in any formal coursework of a technology education teachers preparation program. The analysis focuses on movies depicting three states of technological capital, revealing a duality between movie narratives and written reflections. These movies underscore a Western-centric perspective on technology, ethics, and social understanding. One film triggered self-awareness among students regarding smartphone use, demonstrating the potential of movie-making for prompting personal reflection. The study emphasises experiential learning through stop-motion movie creation. Moreover, aesthetics emerges as an avenue for students to articulate technological viewpoints, transcending conventional instructional methods. Aesthetic processes unveiled students' technological capital, although effective transformation centres on pedagogical adaptation. The study's methodological integration of storyboards and reflective components gives insights into students' evolving knowledge. The discussion shed light on technology education within the STEAM classroom. Findings show that by embracing students' perceptions and facilitating knowledge expression, educators can contribute to exploring technology's multifaceted role in the educational landscape.

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Sultan, U., Bergfelft, B., & Sjöstedt, E. (2023). Using movie-making to visualise pre-service teachers’ perceptions of technology. The 40th International Pupils’ Attitudes Towards Technology Conference Proceedings 2023, 1(October). Retrieved from