Design & Technology Education: What can we do to Influence Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Learning?


  • Greg Strimel Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
  • Deana Lucas


Transdisciplinary Learning, Undergraduate Education, Design & Technology Teacher Preparation


Creating new ways to position Design and Technology (DT) teacher preparation programs in higher education can be considered critical today. For example, in the United States, the few remaining DT-related teacher programs can be in jeopardy of supporting the school subject as a result of teaching workforce declines. But, while some may view that DT programs are no longer relevant in parts of the world today, there can be an opportunity to leverage and make pertinent DT content/practices beyond teacher preparation. New DT approaches can be important to consider, not only to just sustain the remaining programs, but to also create new educational experiences that provide valuable skills/knowledge to a broader audience. In doing so, teacher programs can deliver DT experiences across college campuses that many students may no longer have access to in secondary schools—due to the aforementioned teacher workforce concerns. These DT learning experiences can involve the content/practices related to designing/making/innovating as well as the pedagogical approaches that support transdisciplinary learning. With a variety of educational transformation initiatives happening at universities, DT programs can help shape the way that undergraduate learning occurs. So how do DT programs leverage their value related to transdisciplinary learning through design/innovation practice to reach new audiences while also sustaining programs that develop teachers? To provide an answer, this poster will highlight a transdisciplinary program, titled Mission Meaning Making (M3), that was developed to provide a new cross-college learning experience for undergraduate students focused on design and innovation. The M3 program has been created to synergize the key strengths of three partnering units/disciplines (DT, anthropology, and business) to prepare undergraduates for addressing contemporary challenges in innovative, and transdisciplinary ways. The poster will provide details/research related to the M3 program and explore how DT can strive to make a broader impact on campuses.

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