Computer Science Educators’ Use of Twitter for Conference Engagements: A Grounded Theory Analysis


  • Lenandlar Singh University of Guyana / Lancaster University



Twitter, Conference, Scholarship, Computer Science Education, Back Channel


This study explored how computer science education community used Twitter as a conference backchannel. Using Constructivist Grounded Theory methodology, four themes and ten categories emerged. These themes are: Promote Scholarship; Connect, Promote and Extend the Research Community; Engage in Professional Learning; Humanise the Conference Space. Participants using the conference backchannel contributed to the scholarly discourse, extended the reach of the conferences they attended. They benefitted from various discourses, gained publicity, engaged in networking opportunities, enhanced their own professional learning while extending care for other participants. The findings of this study have implications for the computer science education research community. The study provides insights to organisers on how to extend and enhance conference experiences. For researchers, attendees and users of research output, the study demonstrates tangible benefits of connecting, networking and professional learning. For those responsible for assessing researchers’ contribution to scholarship, this study highlights researchers’ engagement in public scholarship. Opportunities for future research are identified.