About the issue: Natural products from eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells

Guest Editor: Dr Ismini Nakouti (I.Nakouti@ljmu.ac.uk)

Dear Respected Colleague,

I cordially invite you to consider publishing your research in the Journal of Natural Products Discovery (JNPD). The JNPD publishes original articles that contribute to understanding and exploring natural products.

Our scope encompasses a wide range of studies on natural products, including but not limited to, the analysis and isolation of metabolites, biological and pharmacological properties of whole plants, marine organisms, terrestrial animals, fungi, bacteria, viruses, their cells, tissues, and organs. We also welcome studies on derived extracts and isolates with characteristics or activities relevant for basic biological sciences (botany, ecology, biochemistry, pharmacology, etc.) or use in the food, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and related industries.

The JNPD also encourages submissions that utilize various forms of physical, chemical, biochemical, spectroscopic, radiometric, electrometric, chromatographic, metabolomic and chemometric investigations of plant products. We are particularly interested in papers dealing with novel methods such as data handling/data mining in plant sciences.

The Journal is supported by the Centre of Natural Products Discovery and the Library Services at Liverpool John Moores University, thus ensuring the highest standards of academic integrity in all our publications.

We are proud to operate as a Platinum open-access journal. This means there are no fees for the reader or the author. This model fosters a more inclusive and equitable environment for disseminating scientific knowledge.

All our publications are assigned a D.O.I. and are handled by the trusted OJS/PKP platform used by many reputed journals around the globe, thus improving the quality and access to academic research.

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions to the Journal of Natural Products Discovery.

Scope: JNPD is devoted to publishing original articles, reviews and short communications. This issue is dedicated to publishing high-quality multidisciplinary research in all areas of natural products synthesised by eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells applied in the biomedical, physical, chemical, earth and engineering sciences. Papers published in this issue aim to represent significant advances to specialists within each field or a primary interest to the public.

Deadline: 30th August 2024

Best wishes

Dr Ismini Nakouti