Book Review of Samuel Stones and Jonathan Glazzard (2019) Supporting Student Mental Health in Higher Education

  • Claire Flynn LJMU
Keywords: mental health, wellbeing


Samuel Stones’ and Jonathan Glazzard’s, Supporting Student Mental Health In Higher Education is part of a new series, Positive Mental Health, that aims to provide a “modern and comprehensive set of evidence based strategies for promoting positive mental health”.  The authors write from perspectives informed by research focused on special educational needs, disability and LGBTQ+ inclusion, and the promotion of mental health in educational contexts based on their experience as educators in compulsory and post-compulsory settings. Consequently, they impart an appreciation of the crucial contributions that educational professionals can make to student mental health, given appropriate training and practical guidance informed by contemporary research.  At just 144 pages, the authors have focused on offering concise explanations, which enhances the book’s accessibility.  Mental health is a complex area and can be daunting to many practitioners, new or experienced.  That said, the book is commendable in its scope, covering: transitions, risk factors, common mental health needs and how to support specific groups of students.