Book Review of Thomas D. Parsons, Lin Lin and Deborah Cockerham (Eds.) (2019) Mind, Brain and Technology: Learning in the Age of Emerging Technologies

  • Jim Turner
Keywords: digital learning


Digital Assistant: Hi, Jim. I have a book for you to review. I think you will find it interesting. 

Jim: Sounds good, what’s it about?

DA: Well that would be telling, why not read it, and I’ll monitor your brain activity and general attentiveness, and you can tell me about it. 

Jim: It’s on neurology, I’m not really an expert on this but here goes. This book tries to point the way in which technology can enhance learning experiences when it incorporates discoveries in neuroscience and learning science. Looking at human learning through neurological lens. I like this Dewey quote, “if we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

DA: Stay focused now, don’t get distracted. [Review continues]