Research-informed teaching: releasing the power of the student research conference


  • Amy Whitehead LJMU
  • Ian Sadler



research-informed teaching, student conferences, student engagement, undergraduate research


In May 2018 the School of Sport, Leisure and Nutrition ran an inaugural student research conference that was entitled ‘The Power of Sport’.  Students at all levels of study can benefit in a variety of ways through being actively engaged in research and enquiry.  Such student activity can also support the development of research in the institution as well as the impact of research in the community.  Hosting the conference intended to provide a way of developing and promoting such approaches in the curriculum and to give students a safe environment in which to test and disseminate their work.  In essence, it was an activity that blurred the lines between research and student education.  The two core aims of The Power of Sport were: to enhance student learning and confidence through engagement in research and research conversations; and to assist programme teams to further implement research-informed teaching in the curriculum for presentation at the conference.  This short paper touches on the theoretical basis for these two aims by considering both research-informed teaching and student empowerment in the context of the conference.