It started with a KIS...

  • Virendra Mistry LJMU
Keywords: policy, Key Iinformation Set, student motivation, Longitudinal Education Outcomes


I never thought it would come to this…

- Hot Chocolate

In Robert Troschitz’s (2017) Higher Education and the Student, the universal and the particular sit side by side.  In the universal sense of HE, the economic, liberal and social ideas that have structured discourse since 1945 are illuminated and, from this telescopic lens, Troschitz sends our vision plunging from huge vistas to focus on some fine detail.  In this journey, one notices how the position of the student in terms of power has shifted.  There are many points of departure but, for me, the KIS (Key Information Set), articulated in the 2011 White Paper Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the System, strikes me as one of those points of detail that have cast a particular shadow on us today, especially in relation to the subject-level TEF (Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework).

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