What Support is in Place for Hoarding Behaviour and is it Working?


  • Mary Johnson


Hoarding, Behaviour, Interventions, Secondary data


This dissertation explores how interventions and support that are put in place for people with hoarding behaviours are working to reduce this. A literature review presents the theories around hoarding and highlight the effects it can have on the individual and others around them. It also presents the different types of hoarding behaviours and the stages of this disorder. Furthermore, it presents evidence of the process of being diagnosed and how it is treated. Such a study is important due to the public health concerns that hoarding behaviours can have on the individual and the public. In addition, reducing hoarding behaviours through interventions can prevent further government costs and health risks. The method used within this study has been secondary data research through internet searching. This is supported by an evaluation of the research methods used and a reflection of the limitations that were unforeseeable within the research. This is followed  by a presentation of the findings and discussion  of this research, giving particular focus to the interventions that are in place.