A Quantitative study exploring people’s perception of the Black Lives Matter Campaign


  • Lois Akaadom


BLM, Racism, Health, Survey, Black Lives Matter


Racism is defined as prejudice, unfairness, or animosity directed toward someone of a different race on the basis of the belief that one race is better or superior to the other. In this study, data was collected in the form of an online survey, with multiple choice questions and even open ones, to obtain as much data as possible and to reveal individuals' perspectives regarding Black Lives Matter through Instagram. This questionnaire was administered anonymously, giving users the option of participating or not. The survey was completed by 53 individuals. This was a limitation because the researcher expected more participants to participate. The study will discuss how racism has affected people's health, how social media has elevated the Black Lives Matter movement to an international level, and what the participants believe about the movement.