The impact of the Euro 2020 Football championships on domestic violence in the UK - a content analysis of print media


  • Annemarie Wilson


Media, Euro 2020, Football, Violence against women and girls, Domestic violence, Masculinity, Alcohol


Background: This research aims to review print media related to domestic violence and the contributing role sporting events have in increasing the prevalence of this form of violence. The scope of this work focuses on sporting events worldwide with particular emphasis on football tournaments at both club and national levels.

Methods: In order to identify if a rise in domestic violence occurs during sporting events, this study focuses on the Euros 2020 football tournament in the United Kingdom, over a four-week period from the 11th June to 11th July 2021. Analysis of 15 online British newspaper articles was conducted to gain insight and information of the problem and scale of domestic violence and its links to football. Articles were found using the terms ‘domestic violence ‘and ‘Euro 2020’ ‘football’ and were selected using the Factiva database.

Results: Key themes were identified 1) Alcohol, 2) Weather, and 3) Masculinity, which were all reported to contribute to a climate in which domestic violence incidents could rise.

Conclusions: The relationship between sport and domestic violence is an emerging theme for researchers, academics, and practitioners within the field of violence. As shown through evidence and theoretical frameworks, men's perpetration of domestic violence appears to have a root cause of alcohol, and toxic masculinity. Although the research suggests an increase of domestic violence around certain sports and sporting events i.e., football, one cannot generalise the association to all sports, spectators and athletes. Thus, future research is needed to explore the context in which sport related violence is portrayed within the media