A Systematic Review on the Effect of E-Cigarette use in pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes


  • Harish Gontumukkala


Electronic cigarettes, Pregnant women, Pregnancy, Smoking, Usage, Impact, Outcomes, Foetus


Introduction: This systematic review aims to examine the impact of e-cigarette usage in pregnant women. The review will explore e-cigarette usage in pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes associated with a negative impact on the foetus followed by various comorbid conditions and potential outcomes, especially with the usage of e-cigarettes.

Methods: A deductive method to identify patterns and trends of e-cigarette smoking in various targets and different countries was used to analyse the impact of e-cigarette use on pregnant women.  The secondary research method used in this systematic review was intended to collect published information and evidence and compare it with existing results.

Results: A total of 19 articles (10 human and 9 animal-based) were chosen for this research. The researcher selected  peer-reviewed  articles  and  ensured  that  these  research  findings  were  published  and reviewed by the researcher and healthcare professionals. Articles suspected of being false, invalid or unreliable are excluded to overcome the risk of lack of overall research results.

Conclusions: The obtained results highlighted harmful effects of e-cigarettes and smoking in pregnant women, smoking and prenatal exposure to e-cigarettes, effects of e-cigarettes on the foetus, and smoking cessation interventions in pregnancy.