A survey investigating students’ concerns, attitudes and perceptions of working while studying at university


  • Elizabeth Ugwualia


Concerns, attitudes, perspectives, working, studying


Working while studying is a common experience among students today. This is because students have different motivations to work while studying. The aim of this study is to investigate the concerns, perceptions and attitudes of undergraduate and postgraduate students as they work while studying at university. The study is important because it will highlight various challenges and benefits experienced by students who work while studying and this will inform the development of programs to support students to overcome the challenges. The objectives of the study included identifying the reasons why Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) students work while studying, to determine the positive benefits gained by the LJMU students who are working and to ascertain any obstacles experienced by LJMU students who work while studying. The study adopted the use of questionnaires which had both open ended and closed ended questionnaires and consisted of 31 questions. The total sample involved 41 participants. The findings of the study agreed with the contents of the literature review: 42.5% found it challenging to balance work and studies and 5% worked to raise fees. In comparison, 27.5% wanted some work experience; 45% indicated average performance at work; 52.5% indicated that they enjoyed work and did not intend to quit; 30.8% participants indicated that they successfully balanced work and education. Therefore, the researcher recommends programs that assist students who work while studying to overcome their stressors and challenges to have better academic performance. Working while studying could be beneficial. Despite this, it is also likely to generate significant drawbacks to the learner's academic performance, like reduced time to study, higher levels of stress, and reduced academic performance. The survey also highlights areas that need further studies, like the effects of working while studying on mental health and the students' academic performance.