A quantitative study into the knowledge and attitudes of young people in Gibraltar towards pollution


  • Catherine Orfila Manasco


young people, pollution, low air quality, Gibraltar


Low air quality and pollution levels have shown to affect human health all around the world. The World Health Organization has addressed this issue and concerns towards pollution and its effects on human health. The aim of this study was to acknowledge and address the primary concerns young Gibraltarians have towards pollution in Gibraltar. Many studies have been conducted around the Straits of Gibraltar, but there have been limited studies exploring young people’s attitudes and knowledge towards pollution in Gibraltar. The researcher’s aim was to fill the gap in the current literature to provide the Government of Gibraltar and relevant authorities with data that could influence future research. The study collected data via a quantitative method, the use of self-selected participation, where only residents of Gibraltar were eligible to complete the questionnaire. Through assessing young Gibraltarians knowledge and attitudes towards pollution in Gibraltar, the researcher was able to collect data portraying their demographics, attitude, behaviours, and knowledge on pollution. The study was conducted on 63 participants, which proved to be an acceptable volume of participants considering Gibraltar only has a population of around 30,000. From the data collected the researcher was able to conclude that young people in Gibraltar, ranging from 18-30, are very laid back towards their influence on Gibraltar’s current pollution. The data showed that participants had a clear understanding of the health implications associated with pollution. From the research conducted the results should be used for further research on the attitudes and knowledge young Gibraltarian’s have towards pollution.