Welcome to the DATE Journal’s new home!


The Design and Technology Education: An International Research Journal  has a new home at Liverpool John Moores University.

The Journal is moving from the previous hosting site at Loughborough University and is now open for submissions at Liverpool John Moores.  As Editors, we are excited about our new home and look forward to continuing to publish our Open Access Journal and to be able to offer open access to all of the Journal’s Archives.  At this stage the historic articles are in the process of being moved from Loughborough University and this will take some time.  Once  they have moved they will appear under the ‘Archives’ tab on the Journal’s home page.  Until the end of May they will also be available from the Loughborough site as the university is kindly looking after them for us until all aspects of the move have taken place.  They can be found at https://ojs.lboro.ac.uk/DATE/issue/archive


Articles on the new site are available to anyone who wishes to view or download them – just as they were at Loughborough.  But in order to submit an article it is necessary to register, using the link in the top right hand corner, before uploading a submission.  Registering on the site is also a good idea for those who wish to receive news, updates and notifications about new and upcoming issues.

We are grateful for the support we are receiving from Liverpool John Moores and look forward to welcoming both old and new readers and contributors to our new home.

Kay Stables & Lyndon Buck, Editors